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My Name is Danny Vandormael

I consider myself a cameleon-like specialist having acquired experience and expertise in different environments with different angles of approach, all of them focussed on making people and organisations perform better.

Firstly there is my academic background. I hold different master degrees (Germanic Languages, Safety & Wellbeing on the job, Master in Business Administration) and have through my entire career continued to sharpen my competences by following countless seminars of divers nature (finance, negociation techniques, board membership, AKDAR model, etc). I also served many national and international industry federations, as board member or as president, defending the broader industry interests.

Secondly, I am proud of my business track record. I occupied my first position in general management at the age of 30 years. I have gathered international business experience being a Senior Vice-President in charge of 20 countries in Europe. I left my last CEO-position mid 2020, completing three decades of leadership roles in different types of industries.

Thirdly, I can build on an already existing experience as consultant. Over the last ten years, I took ad hoc assignments in strategic consultancy and personal coachingI am also active in the field of board of director positions and advisory boards.


“I am not the traditional consultant. My many years of experience at top positions put me in pole position to help you and your organization.”

Why Work With Me?

Overall, I am not the traditional consultant having spent the majority of his career standing on the sideline. I have been in the heat of the action for more than 30 years, having made mistakes and corrected them, having gone through crisises and getting out of them stronger, having celebrated many successes and learned from them.

As a leader, I have constantly acted as a sponsor and a coach to many individuals, teams and organisations that I was in charge of. And I have done the same as ‘a consultant’, helping clients calling upon my expertise.

How can I serve you?

Books & Publications

I issued many publications in my career and shared my societal vision on security in a book published in Dutch and in French 2018.

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What I Can Do For Your Business?


(Executive) Project Management

We will help you get your organization 'fit to fight' again!

Cost Management

Find out how external cost management expertise can bring value to your bottom line.

Management Consulting

Let us together define the critical components of your company.

Supply Chain Management

R-Consulting will help you find creative solutions to optimize the supply chain process.

(Personal) Development & Training

An external facilitator makes everyone focus on the content (re)alignment.

Customized Expert Advice

In need of some specific advice? Let's talk! With many years of expertise under the belt, we can probably help!

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